Based in WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS, ATTORNEY MOORADIAN HAS REPRESENTED REFUGEES, ASYLEES, IMMIGRANT JUVENILES, and those seeking benefits from immigration such as green cards, visas and citizenship

Attorney Mooradian speaks at Agape in Hardwick

Attorney Mooradian recently spoke at Agape, a pacifist community in Hardwick, Massachusetts, as part of its St. Francis celebration. During the course of the day, numerous activists spoke on the topic of ending systemic racism. Attorney Mooradian was joined by numerous speakers, including Worcester activist Maritza Cruz.

Mooradian’s presentation talked about the history of some of his clients, many of whom were persecuted in his country of origin. He then touched on current immigration policies of the Trump Administration, including family separation at the border due to zero tolerance and recent litigation relating to temporary protected status. In particular, he focused on the many ways that implicit and explicit bias can impact immigration policy.

Over 150 people attended the event, which took place on October 6, outside Worcester.

Presentation at Boston University School of Social Work

Mooradian Speaks at Worcester Keep Families Together Rally at City Hall