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Special Findings of Fact for Attorney Mooradian's Client, an Immigrant Juvenile

Attorney Mooradian's client, a young boy from Guatemala, received an order of special findings of fact from the Worcester Probate and Family Court.  Attorney Mooradian's client lived in dangerous conditions in Guatemala, without proper food, clothing, shelter, or emotional support from his parents.  After making an arduous journey to the United States by foot and on bus, he was caught by immigration authorities near the southern border.

The client came to Attorney Mooradian with a primary focus on being allowed to remain in the United States and obtain work authorization.  Although young, the client wishes to be able to work so that he can support himself and his family.  Attorney Mooradian interviewed the client so that he could present a compelling statement to the Probate Court.  At the hearing, Attorney Mooradian argued that the child was neglected, abused, and abandoned by his parents in Guatemala, that he was under 18 years old, that he was unmarried, and that he was dependent on this state court to make a determination as to his best interests.  Attorney Mooradian expressed to the court that for the child's personal safety, he could not return to Guatemala.

The Court agreed.  With this order, the child can now approach the immigration court and request termination of his removal proceedings.  He can apply through USCIS for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, and eventually may be able to obtain permanent residence (a green card) in the United States.

Attorney Mooradian Obtains Special Immigrant Juvenile Status for Client

Attorney Mooradian Obtains Conditional Termination of Removal Proceedings