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Attorney Alex M. Mooradian Obtains Special Findings of Fact for Immigrant Juvenile

Attorney Alex M. Mooradian obtained an order for Special Findings of Fact and Rulings of Law for an immigrant juvenile living in Worcester.  The immigrant juvenile, a boy from El Salvador, was abandoned by his father.  His mother was forced to travel to the United States due to the unfavorable economic conditions in his country.  The child, due to threats of gang violence, made an arduous journey by bus and by trailer truck to the United States.  

The Worcester Probate Court required significant documentation prior to issuing this order, and Attorney Mooradian was able to gather the information by working closely with the child's family and by calling the municipal offices in El Salvador.  Attorney Mooradian argued to the court that the child had been neglected, abused or abandoned by his father, and that it is in the child's best interests to remain in the United States versus to return to El Salvador.  The court agreed, and the child can now pursue a protective status (Special Immigrant Juvenile Status) to prevent his removal from the United States.

Children in removal proceedings benefit greatly from the assistance of an experienced attorney because the child must navigate multiple courts to obtain relief.  The immigration authorities will not provide this special, protective status to juveniles without first obtaining an order from a state court with jurisdiction over the child.  At the same time, state courts are often reluctant to make a decision which will have an effect on the child's immigration status.  An experienced attorney helps to make sure that the child obtains the necessary order, with very specific language, to terminate the removal proceedings and obtain Special Immigrant Juvenile Status and an eventual Adjustment of Status (Green Card).

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