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Attorney Alex M. Mooradian Obtains Citizenship for Client despite English Language Issue

Attorney Alex M. Mooradian recently obtained approval of an N-400 Application for Citizenship despite adverse factors in the client's case.  The client, a victim of trauma from the Middle East, had been seeking an approval of her citizenship application following her interview with USCIS.  After waiting many months for a response to her citizenship application, the client became doubtful when an immigration officer indicated to her that she would likely be denied due to her lack of proficiency in the English language. 

Attorney Mooradian examined the client's file and discovered that there was a viable case for a medical exception to the English language requirement.  Although the client had received multiple N-652 notices stating that no decision had been made, Attorney Mooradian was able to contact multiple USCIS officers directly to explain and negotiate the case.  Through multiple expedite requests and negotiations with USCIS officials, Attorney Mooradian further explained that the client's file must be reviewed expediently to avoid a violation of the "Kaplan" settlement.  That settlement establishes special protocols which shall be followed by USCIS in the event that an applicant's social security benefits are at risk due to a delay in the processing of a citizenship application.  Attorney Mooradian received notice of the approval soon after presenting these facts, along with expedite requests, to USCIS.

Now that the client's N-400 is approved, she will be able to attend a naturalization ceremony in July and enjoy the full rights and benefits available to U.S. citizens.

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