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Attorney Mooradian Obtains Harassment Prevention Order and Restraining Orders for Client

Attorney Mooradian's client, a 69 year old, Worcester, Massachusetts woman, sought his assistance to prevent her relatives and an unrelated person from remaining in her home.  The woman was in fear because of the chaotic and unpredictable behavior of the people who had been living in her home for months.

Attorney Mooradian argued to the court that despite an absence of physical abuse, the chaotic situation in the home itself constituted a substantial threat of imminent harm to his client.  While opposing counsel argued that the issue was a housing issue and would require an eviction, Attorney Mooradian succeeded in presenting testimony and evidence that client was at risk.

The judge agreed and entered restraining orders against the two family members, and extended the harassment order against the unrelated person.  The client can return to her home, and the former occupants cannot enter her home during the period of the orders, except in the presence of a police officer and for the limited purpose of removing their personal belongings.

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