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Attorney Mooradian wins Removal of Conditions of Green Card for Client from Ghana

Attorney Mooradian's client, a young man from Ghana, came to the United States and married a United States citizen.  As a result, he obtained a conditional permanent residency card.  As time went by, the marriage broke down and the couple filed for divorce.  

The client approached Attorney Mooradian believing that, without presenting a clear and compelling case to the immigration officer at the USCIS office, he might not only fail to get his permanent residency card, but even be referred for deportation.  Attorney Mooradian reviewed all previous filings and gathered needed evidence to prove that the marriage was entered into in good faith.

The officer questioned the client as to whether the marriage was entered into in good faith, and Attorney Mooradian guided the client's testimony and informed the officer of a change in marital status prior to this I-751 interview.  Despite the change in marital status, the client was granted the removal of conditions and is now a permanent resident of the United States.  Following two further years of waiting period, he will be able to apply for U.S. citizenship.  The client received this status because he was well-prepared for the central questions in the hearing, which focus on the good faith of the parties at the time that they entered into the marriage.  Often times, this analysis comes down to the question of whether the marriage was entered into for "love, or for immigration status."

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