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Attorney Mooradian Obtains I-360 Special Immigrant Juvenile Status for Client and Termination of Proceedings

Attorney Mooradian's client, an immigrant juvenile from El Salvador, recently obtained an approved I-360 application.  The application was approved after Attorney Mooradian obtained special findings of fact from the Worcester Probate and Family Court stating that the young man had been abandoned by his father, among other findings of fact.

Once the I-360 was approved, Attorney Mooradian appeared on his client's behalf at a hearing in the Boston Immigration Court.  At the hearing, Attorney Mooradian filed a motion with the court and argued that the Immigration Judge should terminate the removal proceedings.  The judge agreed, and the proceedings against the juvenile have been terminated.  The client will now pursue adjustment of status to become a lawful permanent resident.

There has been a backlog in adjustment of status cases for clients from certain countries due to the unavailability of visas for juveniles from certain countries of origin.  Although this backlog may delay this client in becoming a permanent resident, he can still receive the work authorization for which Attorney Mooradian has applied until his visa becomes available.  Then, he can adjust his status to become a lawful permanent resident.  Meanwhile, the removal proceedings have been terminated.

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