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Attorney Mooradian wins Custody for Immigrant Mother

Attorney Alex M. Mooradian's client, a young woman from Central America, had lost custody of her child when a permanent guardianship was imposed with respect to her young son.  The client came to Attorney Mooradian for representation in proceedings related to a motion to vacate, or eliminate, the guardianship.

The young woman, over time, had developed her career and bettered her living situation such that she was found fit to parent the child.  The guardianship was vacated, and the mother will now regain custody of her child after several years. 

The central question in such a case is whether the mother is "fit" as a parent.  Attorney Mooradian argued to the judge that reunification with the mother was in the child's best interests, that the previous guardian could still be involved in the child's life, and that the living situation in the mother's home was stable.

A parent has a constitutional right to parent their child, unless the parent is unfit.  The cases of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts set a very high standard to prove the unfitness of a parent, and such cases were examined to provide context to this case.  Further, Attorney Mooradian consulted and cited the report of the probation department as to the fitness of the parent.

While Attorney Mooradian focuses his practice on immigration matters, he provides related legal services in family law, including to his clients who are Spanish-speakers and seek his explanations of the law in their native language.

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