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Attorney Mooradian Obtains Special Immigrant Juvenile Status for Client

Attorney Mooradian's client, a young man from El Salvador, received approval of his I-360 Application for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status in the USCIS office in Boston.

The client experienced a traumatic journey to the United States, during which he and his family were victims of attacks by unknown persons.  Upon arrival in the United States, the probate and family court granted him with a probate order that it is in his best interests to remain in the United States.

The court order was granted to the client in "Equity," which is the broad jurisdiction of the court to make determinations regarding the best interests of a juvenile until the age of 21. Although the USCIS officer preferred that the child have a guardian, the officer commended the client's efforts to support himself.  Ultimately, after extensive discussion and negotiation, the client was granted Special Immigrant Juvenile Status.  The client was also tentatively approved for adjustment of status to permanent resident status, but a visa number is not immediately available as of now for EB4 immigrants from El Salvador.

Once the client obtains his green card, he will be able to enjoy employment, travel, and this protective lawful status in the United States.

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