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Attorney Mooradian wins Paternity for Immigrant Father

Attorney Mooradian's client, an immigrant from Central America, came to him seeking paternity of his young son.  Attorney Mooradian filed the petition for custody, maintenance and support in Equity because the client was never married to the child's mother.

As a complicating factor, the child's birth certificate from here in the United States contained the name of another person as father.  Attorney Mooradian was able to serve notice upon all parties, explain the situation to the family court judge, and obtain an order establishing the paternity. 

Now, Attorney Mooradian's client will be able to exercise joint physical and legal custody of the child.  Moreover, establishing paternity of a U.S. Citizen child, as a general matter, might have some immigration benefits.  

Attorney Mooradian's Client Obtains Citizenship despite Language Issues

Attorney Mooradian Obtains Special Immigrant Juvenile Status for Client