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Attorney Moordian's Client, a Young Woman from Haiti, Approved for Visa

Attorney Mooradian's client, a young woman from Haiti, recently received her visa to come to the United States.  Upon arrival, she will receive her permanent residence.  The young woman's parent received lawful status in the United States pursuant to the Violence Against Women Act. The client, a derivative beneficiary, faced difficulty in obtaining a visa interview at the consulate in Haiti.

Attorney Mooradian was able to review the client's filing and contacted the consulate repeatedly. Eventually, and with the assistance of Congressman Capuano's office, Attorney Mooradian's client was able to attend an interview.  Her visa was approved.  Now, she will be able to travel to the United States and enjoy the benefits of permanent residence after a long separation from her mother.

Attorney Mooradian's Client Approved for Immigrant Visa in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Attorney Mooradian's Client Obtains Citizenship despite Language Issues