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Attorney Mooradian Receives Approval of DACA Renewal despite USCIS delays

Attorney Mooradian received approval of his client's application for a DACA renewal.  Prior to renewing DACA, Attorney Mooradian interviews clients to ensure that there are no criminal history issues or other eligibility issues that may have accrued since the time of the initial DACA application.  In particular, clients must ensure that they still meet the educational requirements, for example, if they have stopped attending school since the time that they initially applied for DACA.

In this particular case, the client came to Attorney Mooradian only a relatively short time prior to the expiration of DACA.  DACA renewals should be submitted between 120-150 days prior to expiration to ensure timely processing, due largely to the backlog of cases at USCIS.  Attorney Mooradian was able to help expedite the process by working closely with Congressman Jim McGovern's office and arranging for a congressional request due to the humanitarian concerns presented if this individual fell out of DACA status.  The client, a young woman from El Salvador, will be able to continue living and working here in the United States pursuant to her deferred action.


Special Findings of Fact and Rulings of Law for Immigrant Juvenile

Attorney Mooradian wins Adjustment of Status for Immigrant Juvenile Client