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U Visas for South American Teenagers despite Major Complications with Local Courts

Attorney Mooradian recently succeeded in obtaining U-3 visas for two South American teenagers following years of negotiations with attorneys abroad, immigration agencies, congresspersons' offices, and other government stakeholders.  The case involved two young teenagers whose mother was the victim of severe domestic violence.  The mother also reports that the teenagers were subjected to serious abuses by their father.  Accordingly, time was of the essence as was Attorney Mooradian's expertise in client counseling. 

The children were forced to reside with an unrelated third party in their country of origin while waiting for their visas.  Numerous obstacles delayed the children from their obtaining visas from the consulate abroad.  These obstacles centered around the children's abusive father who, despite his abuse and neglect, retained custody of both kids.  Attorney Mooradian, along with colleagues from the Boston University School of Law's Immigrants' Rights Clinic, employed numerous strategies to have the father's custody and thus control over the children revoked.  Eventually, the children were able to obtain all necessary authorizations to move forward with their visas.

Attorney Mooradian spoke directly with consular officers in the South American country of origin to orchestrate quick processing once he affirmed the mother's right to bring her children to the United States.  The children were able to attend consular interviews and obtain derivative visas based on their mother's visa.  The mother had obtained her visa through the Immigrants' Rights Clinic years ago as the victim of domestic violence.

Now, after years of painful separation from their mother, the teenagers will be able to fly into the United States and join their mother.  After a requisite period of residence, they will eventually be able to adjust their status to that of permanent residence based on their relationship with their mother.  

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