Based in WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS, ATTORNEY MOORADIAN HAS REPRESENTED REFUGEES, ASYLEES, IMMIGRANT JUVENILES, and those seeking benefits from immigration such as green cards, visas and citizenship

Green Card for Client from Middle East Based on Family Unity

Attorney Mooradian recently won permanent resident status for his client from a Middle Eastern country. Mooradian’s client, a young person living in Worcester, had met his spouse in college. He and his spouse lived together for several years and they were recently married.

Attorney Mooradian recommended a one-step adjustment of status. He noticed several issues in the case, including a visa overstay and unauthorized employment. However, he was able to properly present that information to USCIS and indicate that, per the relationship to a U.S. Citizen, those violations should be automatically waived.

Additional factual issues raised questions during the interview, but Attorney Mooradian had anticipated these issues and advised the clients to be honest and forthcoming during the course of the interview. The clients were credible and the applications for a marriage visa and permanent residence were approved within days of the interview at USCIS’s Lawrence Field Office. Now, the client is a conditional permanent resident and is on a path to U.S. Citizenship.

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