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Citizenship for Client from Middle East following Request for Evidence

Attorney Alex Mooradian won citizenship for a client from the Middle East following his response to an extensive request for evidence.  Attorney Mooradian's client came to him after having serious questions raised about a citizenship application.  While many clients file citizenship applications on their own or through clinics, the applications are then subject to substantial review by USCIS.

In this particular case, the client's application triggered numerous questions around his eligibility for citizenship.  First, the agency flagged the client's significant travel outside the United States.  Attorney Mooradian was able to gather and submit evidence regarding both the purpose of the travel, as well as the funding to pay for such travel, which assuaged USCIS's concerns.  

Second, USCIS raised questions about two criminal charges that were on the applicant's record.  In particular, there was a sensitive criminal incident for which the applicant was unable to obtain records.  While USCIS ordered the applicant to present these records, the records remained privileged.  Attorney Mooradian was able to explain a well-founded argument that the documents were not available and to present alternative evidence to the satisfaction of USCIS.

The agency raised numerous other questions regarding tax information, residence history, and income over the past five years.  By answering in a thorough and organized fashion, all the while conducting appropriate legal research to avoid any potential pitfalls or legal liabilities for the client, the application was approved without even a further request for interview.  Now, the client is able to go forward with being sworn in as a United States Citizen and to enjoy all of the benefits thereof.

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