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DACA Renewal Approved during significant changes to DACA

Rules around DACA, that is, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, have been in limbo for a significant period of time.  Attorney Mooradian recently received approval for a DACA renewal for a client who filed back in September, 2017.  During that time, the Trump Administration had announced a wind-down period of DACA. 

Even today, applicants may apply for DACA renewals, but time is limited.  Congress is striving to reach a resolution to the DACA debate, but the path forward remains uncertain.  In the meantime, applicants for DACA can still apply for renewals prior to a March 5th deadline.  There is significant uncertainty with regard to how Congress's, the Courts', and even the President's actions may extend this deadline or change policy affecting DACA beneficiaries entirely.  Therefore, clients are encouraged to speak with a licensed attorney prior to making decisions regarding their DACA status.

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