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Mooradian Wins Special Findings for Teenage Immigrant Sisters

Attorney Mooradian recently won two orders of special findings of fact and rulings of law for teenage sisters from Central America.  The young women came to the United States alone after making a difficult journey from their country of origin.  

The teenagers were forced to leave their home country after being abandoned by their father from a young age.  Since that time, the young women have had almost no contact with their father, and no one who was able to protect them from the rampant gang violence in their country.  One of the sisters was indeed threatened directly by gang members on multiple occasions before choosing to make the dangerous journey to the United States.

After hearing, and based upon the detailed declarations and legal arguments submitted to the court, the Worcester Probate and Family Court Judge issued the special findings.  These findings can now be used so that the clients can seek lawful permanent residence in the United States by way of a special immigrant juvenile status. 

The special findings contain all of the required findings for special immigrant juvenile status.  Namely, the court found that the young women are under 21 years old; are unmarried; have been neglected, abused, or abandoned by one or both of their parents; are dependent upon the court; and that it is in their best interests to remain in the United States as opposed to returning to their country of origin.  

Attorney Mooradian represented these clients before the probate and family court on a pro bono basis through a collaboration with Ascentia Care Alliance's Immigrant Legal Assistance Program.

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