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Green Card for Elderly Person from Canada

Attorney Mooradian recently won a green card for an elderly client from Canada.  This person, who had spent decades in the United States, was stopped upon returning to the United States from a visit to his home country.  When trying to re-enter the U.S., he was put into deportation proceedings and forced to appear before an Immigration Judge.

Attorney Mooradian soon realized that the client was, according to his Notice to Appear, and arriving alien.  Accordingly, the immigration agency (USCIS), not the immigration court, had jurisdiction over a family based petition for this client.  Attorney Mooradian was able to explain this jurisdictional issue to the Immigration Judge and secured several continuances from the Immigration Court.  The client was finally able to win a green card based on his relationship with his United States Citizen daughter.

Now, Attorney Mooradian can move to terminate the deportation case so that the client can remain in the United States with his green card.

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