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Mooradian Wins Special Findings for Immigrant Kids from El Salvador

Attorney Mooradian won orders of special findings of fact and rulings of law last week after a hearing in the Bristol County Probate and Family Court.  Mooradian's clients, two immigrant children under the age of ten, had been neglected and abandoned by their father in El Salvador.  Given that their father has had no contact with the children and has failed to support them either financially or socially in several years, Attorney Mooradian filed a Complaint for Separate Support on behalf of the children's mother.  Along with the Complaint, Attorney Mooradian filed for special findings, which he argued to the Judge were not only necessary to eventually terminate the children's deportation proceedings, but were necessary to propone the best interests of the children.

Here in the United States, the children are under the care and custody of their biological mom, and they have access to food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and educational opportunities.  By contrast, they would face rampant gang violence and have no one to care for them in El Salvador.  With these orders in hand, the kids will now have a fighting chance to obtain Special Immigrant Juvenile Status from USCIS and to terminate their removal proceedings.

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