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Special Findings of Fact for Minor from South America

Attorney Mooradian recently won special findings of fact and rulings of law, as well as an order for guardianship, relating to a young client from South America.  Attorney Mooradian filed a petition for guardianship, along with a motion for special findings and legal memorandum in support, when the minor indicated that he could no longer safely return to his country of origin. 

Attorney Mooradian developed an affidavit along with the client's nominated guardian, who indicated that due to rampant gang violence and domestic violence in the country of origin, the child would likely be unsafe.  Following a hearing at the Worcester Probate and Family Court, the Judge issued an order finding that the child is under eighteen years of age; is unmarried; is dependent on the court; that he has been neglected, abused or abandoned by his parents; and that it is in the child's best interests to remain in the United States versus return to his country of origin.  

With this order of special findings in hand, the child can now apply for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status through USCIS.  The status, designed to protect undocumented children who would otherwise be vulnerable to violence or harm in their country of origin and lack the protection and care of a parent, is a path to permanent residence and citizenship.

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