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Granted Citizenship despite Medical Disabilities

Attorney Mooradian recently won citizenship for a client who had endured significant trauma before arriving to the United States. Mooradian’s client, a gentleman in his 50s, was rendered unable to learn English after being the victim of a terrorist act in his country of origin. Given the trauma that the client had experienced, he faced memory loss and learning deficits.

The client was having trouble becoming a United States Citizen. When the USCIS office interviews and applicant for citizenship, they conduct an examination of one’s ability to read, write, and speak basic English, as well as to study and learn U.S. History and Civics. Unfortunately, this particular client no longer had the cognitive ability to go forward and learn this information.

As a result, he required a medical disability waiver. Attorney Mooradian was able to work with a medical doctor to ensure that the medical waiver language was adequate and appropriately detailed such that USCIS could recognize the severity of the client’s disability. Upon filing the documents necessary and following up adequately with the immigraiton agency, Attorney Mooradian’s client was granted citizenship despite his inability to learn English.

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