Based in WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS, ATTORNEY MOORADIAN HAS REPRESENTED REFUGEES, ASYLEES, IMMIGRANT JUVENILES, and those seeking benefits from immigration such as green cards, visas and citizenship

Family Based Green Card for Client from West Africa

Attorney Mooradian’s client, a young man from West Africa, was recently granted permanent resident status following an interview at the USCIS Lawrence Field Office. Attorney Mooradian accompanied the client and his wife to the interview, during which both parties were questioned extensively about their personal histories and their relationship.

In specific, the beneficiary had overstayed his visa and worked without authorization, which were discussed during the interview. Questions about changes of address and the bona fides of the marriage were the basis of further inquiry. Fortunately, through proper preparation and advising of the clients, their truthfulness, and thorough preparation of all documents, the case was approved.

Guardianship and Special Findings for Immigrant Teenager

Marriage Based Visa for Client from Italy