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Guardianship and Special Findings for Immigrant Teenager

Attorney Mooradian recently obtained two orders from the Worcester Probate and Family Court to help protect a teenager who is vulnerable to deportation. Attorney Mooradian’s client, a teenager from Central America, came to the United States to escape explicit gang threats and domestic violence. While the teenager was initially reticent to discuss family violence and the threats he would face upon his return, thorough interviewing proved essential for a positive outcome.

Attorney Mooradian was able to present a detailed sworn affidavit, along with a Petition for Guardianship, a motion for Special Findings of Fact and Rulings of Law, and a legal memorandum, to the probate court judge. Attorney Mooradian argued that sufficient service had been performed on the child’s parents and that the child had been abused, abandoned, and neglected by his parents in the country of origin. Attorney Mooradian also argued successfully for a best interests determination— that it is in the child’s best interests to remain in the United States versus returning to his country of origin.

Now, with the guardianship and predicate order in hand, Attorney Mooradian can apply for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status on behalf of the client with USCIS. Additionally, he can use the probate court order to continue the immigration proceedings in an effort to reduce the imminent threat of deportation. Should the client be granted a special immigrant juvenile visa, Attorney Mooradian can then move to either terminate removal proceedings or adjust status to that of a permanent resident before the Boston Immigration Court.

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