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Green Card for Victim of Domestic Violence from Ecuador

Attorney Mooradian’s client, a victim of severe domestic violence in Ecuador, was recently granted a green card based on derivative U Visa Status. The client, a young man living in Massachusetts, had some challenges in obtaining his status. When an applicant for permanent resident status based upon a U Visa seeks permanent residence, he or she must prove that they have continued to cooperate with law enforcement, that they are still admissible to the United States, and that they have accrued continuous physical presence in the United States.

In this particular case, the client did not have significant ties to the United States to prove his physical presence. His lack of banking records and only minimal schooling records rendered his application a challenge. After receiving and adequately responding to a Request for Evidence and a Notice of Intent to Deny, Attorney Mooradian was fortunately able to secure a green card (permanent resident status) for the client. The client is now able to remain in the United States for 10 years with his green card, which can be renewed an unlimited number of times. In addition, the client will be eligible to apply for United States Citizenship in 5 years.

Ten Year Green Card Despite Breakdown in Marriage

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