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Family-Based Green Card for Client from United Kingdom

Attorney Mooradian recently succeeded in a family-based adjustment of status case before the USCIS Lawrence Field Office. In this case, the beneficiary had traveled to the United States as a visitor and developed a relationship with her spouse. The couple decided to file for a one-step adjustment of status such that the couple could continue living together.

Throughout the course of the case, Attorney Mooradian helped prepare the clients for several questions that were likely to come up at the interview. The questions related mostly to immigration history and possible violations of the tourist visa which the beneficiary had previously used to come to the United States. Additionally, Attorney Mooradian prepared the clients for questions relating to whether or not the marriage was a bona fide relationship, and whether or not any employment violations had occurred.

The interview lasted only a short time before the conditional permanent resident card was approved. Now, before the two year expiration date, the beneficiary will need to remove the conditions. She will then receive a ten-year permanent resident card, and she is eligible to apply for Citizenship two years and nine months after the approval of her permanent resident card.

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