Based in WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS, ATTORNEY MOORADIAN HAS REPRESENTED REFUGEES, ASYLEES, IMMIGRANT JUVENILES, and those seeking benefits from immigration such as green cards, visas and citizenship

Certificate of Citizenship based on N-600

Attorney Mooradian’s client was at a loss when she first arrived in his office. She was born in Canada to U.S. Citizen Parents. The client grew up believing and knowing that she was a United States Citizen, and relied on her social security number to attend school, pay taxes, and work.

Upon retirement, she went to collect social security, and was then notified for the first time that she would need to prove her United States Citizenship. Soon thereafter, she encountered changes to the RMV in Massachusetts due to the Real ID Act, and was denied a driver’s license renewal.

Attorney Mooradian reviewed the law at the time that the client was born, along with the facts of her case, and discovered that the client was indeed a United States Citizen. Attorney Mooradian recommended that she simultaneously file the Form N-600 to obtain a Certificate of Citizenship as well as a U.S. Passport. In conjunction with these applications, Attorney Mooradian assisted in gathering and having translated numerous pieces of supporting evidence, including information about her parents’ birth and marriage, as well as the client’s own marriage.

The client recently obtained a United States Passport, and has now been invited to an oath ceremony to obtain her Certificate of Citizenship. She can now collect the social security, which she had been paying into, as well as renew her license and exercise her rights as a U.S. Citizen without any further questions or roadblocks.

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