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Special Findings and Separate Support for Immigrant Siblings

Attorney Mooradian obtained special findings of fact and rulings of law for two immigrant children in the Taunton District Court. Their mother, the plaintiff in the case, had been abandoned by her husband (the children’s father) over ten years ago. She raised the children as a single mother. Despite her best efforts, she could not protect the children from the rampant gang violence in their country of origin.

The two children, on several occasions, endured significant and imminent gang threats. Eventually, the family decided to travel together to the United States to flee the rampant gang violence to which they were subjected. Upon arrival, they were forced to live in an unstable situation, which was detailed to the court in written pleadings. After a thorough review of the pleadings, the judge entered the special findings of fact and rulings of law, as well as an order with respect to separate support.

Now, the two children can pursue relief from removal and immigration benefits on a path to permanent residence and citizenship.

Special Findings of Fact, Dependency for Immigrant Child

Special Findings for Immigrant Juvenile Per M.G.L. c. 119 §39M