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Special Findings for Immigrant Juvenile Per M.G.L. c. 119 §39M

Attorney Alex Mooradian obtained special findings of fact and rulings of law today in the Bristol County Probate and Family Court to help protect and immigrant teenager from deportation. Mooradian’s client, a teenager in removal proceedings, is vulnerable to deportation after being caught by immigration authorities at the U.S. and Mexico border.

Attorney Mooradian intends to pursue Special Immigrant Juvenile Status for the child. Given that the child is over 18 years old, but under 21 years old, he submitted the filing in equity pursuant to a Massachusetts law at M.G.L. c. 119, §39M. The law defines immigrant child and mandates that family courts adjudicate findings for immigrant children as soon as administratively possible. In this case, the court found that the client had been neglected and abandoned by his father, that reunification was not possible, that the child was under 21 years old, and that it was in the child’s best interests to remain in the United States instead of returning to his country of origin in Central America.

Attorney Mooradian also submitted particular motions with respect to service, given that the child’s father had abandoned the family many years ago and had engaged in abusive conduct. Therefore, in-person service was not viable. Accordingly, the court allowed the motion and moved forward with the proceedings, granting the special findings. Now, the child is able to pursue an immigrant juvenile visa and intends to terminate his removal proceedings. Special immigrant juveniles status is an avenue through which a juvenile, even one who entered the country without inspection, may pursue adjustment of status to that of a permanent resident and eventually become a United States Citizen.

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