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Citizenship for Long-Time United States Resident

Attorney Mooradian recently obtained a citizenship N-400 approval for a long-time resident of the United States. The client had been in the United States for decades, but he had delayed in obtaining citizenship. While the client had a long history of work and volunteering, he was skeptical about applying for citizenship because he did not fully understand the benefits of applying and the consequences of failing to apply.

Once Attorney Mooradian explained that those who hold permanent resident status may still be subject to deportation in the event of criminal allegations, the client recognized the importance of moving forward with his case.

The client did have a minor criminal offense from many years ago. Attorney Mooradian explained to him that, because the allegation was not an aggravated felony or an enumerated conviction that is a per se bar to citizenship, he could move forward with his N-400 application. Attorney Mooradian carefully prepared the N-400, bearing in mind that the analysis of the officer would be discretionary and would center around the question of good moral character. In order to bolster the client’s good moral character evidence, Attorney Mooradian worked with several witnesses to draft affidavits in support of the N-400 application.

After thorough preparation for the interview, the client was able to succeed and was approved for naturalization. In just a few weeks, he will be sworn in as a United States Citizen. Now, the client will be fully protected from possible removal from the United States, thus avoiding the prospect of painful family separation. Additionally, he will be able to vote and will not incur issues in collecting the Social Security that he has paid into over the course of many years. Additionally, he will no longer face any need to renew his permanent resident card. Following his interview at the USCIS Field Office in Lawrence, he will be sworn in during a ceremony in Lowell.

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