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Marriage-based Green Card after Intended Denial by USCIS

Attorney Mooradian recently secured an approval of an I-130 and a green card for a husband and wife from the Worcester area. The clients, a married couple, were concerned when the beneficiary overstayed his tourist visa. Attorney Mooradian recommended a one-step adjustment of status. Attorney Mooradian noted that, under the statute, the visa overstay would be excluded from the grounds of inadmissibility. The ground of inadmissibility would not apply because the beneficiary was the spouse of a United States Citizen.

During the interview, both parties testified before an officer of the Lawrence Field Office. Unfortunately, several questions were raised about the beneficiary’s previous marriage, as well as some of the evidence submitted. The clients insisted to the officer that the marriage was true in nature, and Attorney Mooradian objected to some of the officer’s questions and analysis during the interview. However, the clients eventually received a Notice of Intention to Deny the application.

Attorney Mooradian spoke with the clients, and upon their insistence that the marriage was true and based on love, moved forward to respond to the Notice of Intent to Deny. He assisted the clients in seeking out further evidence of the relationship, including medical records, financial records, and more declarations from neighbors. Based on this newly obtained evidence, Attorney Mooradian was able to draft a strong letter-argument, including defects in the interview itself as well as the NOID, and then highlighting the newly discovered evidence. Within days of receiving Attorney Mooradian’s response, the green card was approved. Now, with permanent resident status, the beneficiary can avoid the specter of referral to EOIR and possible removal from the United States. Indeed, he will be eligible for United States Citizenship in the years to come.

Certificate of Citizenship based on N-600

Citizenship for Long-Time United States Resident