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Student Enrolled at Local University Despite Immigration/Family Concerns

Attorney Mooradian was contacted by the principal of a local high school recently regarding a student who was having difficulty enrolling at a local university. Attorney Mooradian opted to take the matter on, pro bono, such that the client could enroll in school.

Two major questions were initially presented: whether or not the student had adequate immigration status to enroll as a student, and whether or not the student could enroll despite having no family support and having been abandoned by his parents. At play were immigration laws, the requirements of FAFSA, and federal requirements about releases from custodial parents for enrollment.

The student was able to explain, through a sworn affidavit, that he had been abandoned and neglected by a parent. While the school was initially looking for custody/guardianship papers from a Probate and Family Court, Attorney Mooradian was able to negotiate with the University and administrators at the high school to avoid such a loss of time and avoid large court costs.

Ultimately, the student was designated as a child at risk of homelessness and will be enrolled in the school during the fall. He will be eligible for FAFSA support as well.

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