February 27, 2017

Attorney Mooradian Participates in Boston University Clinic

Attorney Mooradian participated in a day-long clinic at Boston University School of Law to help advise those who may be affected by President Trump's so-called travel ban.  The limitation on travel, if allowed, would affect the members of six Muslim-majority countries, as well as put a 120 ban on all refugee resettlement to the United States.

Attorney Mooradian, among other volunteers, gathered at the law school to meet with members of the Boston University community who may be affected.  These guests included faculty, neighbors of the school, students, and other school employees.  Overall, Attorney Mooradian and about a dozen other attorneys were able to provide legal guidance to dozens of community members concerning recent developments in immigration law.

Since Attorney Mooradian received his training in immigration law through the Boston University School of Law Immigrants' Rights Clinic, it was a pleasure to return to assist his colleagues from that clinic for the day.

While the effects of the Trump administration are still unfolding, an attorney can provide a better understanding of any risks do undocumented persons or other non-citizens who plan to travel or remain in the United States.

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