April 24, 2018

Mooradian Speaks on Immigration Policy at Wheelock School of Social Work

Last week, Attorney Mooradian was invited to speak to a class of Masters in Social Work Students at Wheelock's (future Boston University program) Worcester campus.  Attorney Mooradian spoke to the class about current immigration policies, client interviewing, and how changes in policy may affect the future client populations of these students.

During the presentation, Mooradian highlighted the challenges that practitioners can face in interviewing clients.  Often times, clients are reticent to share their immigrant stories.  This reluctance to speak out about their histories and needs as an immigrant population can certainly have an impact on the direct services that clients receive, but can also have an impact on immigration policy itself.

Attorney Mooradian highlighted numerous current policies that fail to take into account the real needs of immigrants, especially those most vulnerable members of the immigrant population who have experienced significant trauma.  In particular, Mooradian spoke to the recent elimination of DACA and TPS programs (for certain countries), the border wall, the travel ban, and the criticism and opposition to a "caravan of migrants" coming to the United States.  He spoke to the importance of the language and narrative around immigration in changing immigration policy itself.  In order to change this language and discourse, he suggested that stories of immigrants need to be brought into the public's awareness.

In conclusion, Mooradian urged the class to hear powerful immigrant stories and to share them such that the narrative around immigration will change.  Only then will policy change to be more effective and inclusive.  Mooradian suggested that an inclusive, open immigration policy that reflects our humanitarian values is possible while at the same time protecting economic, social, and national security interests.

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